Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Infamy Pre-Season


We are proud to introduce Infamy Seasons. Each Season provides a set amount of time to fight, earning exclusive prizes and climbing the Global and Sector leaderboards. Each Season further rewards those who prove themselves to be the most dangerous Commanders, celebrating them in the prestigious ranks of the Global Elite.

We are starting Infamy Seasons with a “Pre-Season.” This is an opportunity for us to evaluate performance, structure and rewards, allowing us to make changes based on your feedback in future updates!

The following changes will be applied during the Update on May 11th:


We are reducing repair times on all units with the Infamy Pre-Season.The final repair reduction will be revealed Wednesday, May 11th!


We are doing a sweep of the Sector Maps and clearing bases that are no longer active before the Infamy Pre-Season. Bases that are cleared lose all Infamy, Thorium, and Sector location.

If a player who has had their base cleared returns any time after the clean-up period, they will be placed in a Sector and still have all their units, upgrades, base layout, and other content.
Level 1-10: Bases are removed if the player has not been seen in one week.
Level 11-20: Bases are removed if the player has not been seen in two weeks.
Level 21-30: Bases are removed if the player has not been seen in one month.
Level 31-36: Bases are removed if the player has not been seen in three months.
Level 37+: Bases are removed if the player has not been seen in six months.


Relocation cost will be reduced to 0 starting on the 11th after the Update.
Relocation cost will be reduced for the duration of the Pre-Season.
Relocation will still be disabled during all events.


Infamy will be reset to 0 for all players at the beginning of each season, the Infamy for the Pre-Season will be reset on the 11th after the Update. The Pre-Season lasts a month, at the end of which participating players earn exclusive rewards.


Prizes for the Pre-Season are in addition to the medal payouts that happen on a weekly basis. All player levels can participate in the Pre-Season. Prizes vary based on your level at the end of the Pre-Season. Players can only qualify for 1 prize category listed below.


Top 3 Global:                                                                    Top 4-100 Global:
-Expert Tempest x5                                                              -Expert Tempest x3
-Exclusive Diamond Trophy                                                    -Exclusive Gold Trophy
-Exclusive Legion Diamond War Paint                                     -Exclusive Legion Gold War Paint
-Medals: 30,000                                                                   -Medals: 30,000
-Gold: 500                                                                           -Gold: 250

Top 3 Per Sector:                                                              Top 4-100 Per Sector:
-Expert Tempest x2                                                               -Expert Tempest x1
-Medals: 25,000                                                                    -Medals: 20,000
-Gold: 50



Top 3 Global:                                                                    Top 4-100:
-Global Medals: 30,000                                                           -Medals: 30,000

Top 3 Per Sector:                                                              Top 4-100Per Sector:
-Medals: 25,000                                                                     -Medals: 20,000
Note: The Infamy Pre-Season does not change the current Medal payouts, which will still be awarded based on the weekly leaderboard placements at the end of each week, assuming you have defeated at least five PvP targets.
Participants will be screened and disqualified/banned based on what is deemed as inappropriate behavior i.e. cheats, hacks, and account manipulation.

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